Between the months of October and March the temperature and humidity plummets, so we crank up the central heating and treat ourselves to plenty of hot baths and showers. However, all of this can have an adverse effect on our skin. Your skin’s needs change drastically throughout the year, with each season bringing new challenges. No matter how wistfully we’re wishing for warmth, we’re still undeniably in the middle of a chilly winter – so we thought we’d delve into winter skincare to help you maintain glowing, hydrated skin into the spring.


Throughout the cooler months, humidity drops and the air becomes crisp and dry.
Although this can feel refreshing, exposing your skin regularly to the dry atmosphere can lead to a reduction in your
skin’s moisture levels, leaving it feeling dull and lacklustre.
When you finally reach the cosy warmth of your home, the central heating typically does even more damage in dehydrating your skin.
If you opt for piping hot baths, the toasty water can disrupt your skin’s natural barrier and moisture levels – and if you pull on a knitted jumper,
gloves and scarf instead, the rough materials can exacerbate your skin’s flaky, rough condition.


We think you should be able to enjoy fresh wintery walks, long hot baths and cosy knits without worrying about dry skin – which is why we’ve done all the hard work for you. All Utopia products are packed with hydrating and moisturising ingredients, ready to adapt to every season.
Ingredients derived from sea minerals such as Pheohydrane, Phycosaccharide and Venuceane work wonders when it comes to tackling dehydration. They also protect against other forms of environmental damage such as pollutant particles and the sun’s harmful rays – which is why we included them in our Intensive Face Serum and Hydrating Day Cream. Start your day by washing your face with a warm, damp towel to open your pores, then apply our base serum and day cream to enjoy smooth, hydrated skin all day long.
When you’re out and about, avoid rough, dry hands by popping our Age-Defying Hand, Neck and Decolletage Serum in your bag. It’s packed full with a moisturising olive oil derivative – protect delicate, over-exposed areas by applying our nourishing serum whenever your skin needs quenching.
Each season offers both benefits and problems for your skin to face, but your skincare routine doesn’t have to be constantly changing to rise to the challenge. With the Utopia range, your skin is getting everything it requires all year round – leaving you to enjoy the weather, rain or shine