Whether you’re a skincare fanatic or not, you may have seen Hyaluronic Acid cropping up on adverts, blogs and product labels being touted as a miracle ingredient for your skin. Still a little unsure as to what it is? We’ll break down what it’s made of, what it does to your skin – and why it’s absolutely worth the hype.


The idea of putting something involving acid onto sensitive facial skin might seem a tad unwise. However, in this case, the intimidating scientific name is misleading. Hyaluronic Acid already exists within your body – it’s a carbohydrate molecule that occurs naturally in many areas, including your connective tissue, your eyes, and the dermis of your skin. HA is a humectant, which means it retains and holds on to moisture. In fact, one tiny HA molecule can actually hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it an important factor when it comes to the plumpness and hydration of your skin. However due to unavoidable processes like ageing and the impact of environmental factors, your skin’s HA levels can dip, becoming less effective at clinging on to much-needed moisture. To boost those levels and reinvigorate your skin, try to incorporate HA into your daily skincare regime. Here at Utopia, we’re huge fans of the tiny hydration powerhouse – so much so that every single one of our products contains HA. We’ve incorporated Sodium Hyaluronate, the salt of Hyaluronic Acid, into our whole range. (The salt actually has a smaller molecular size meaning it can penetrate deeper into the skin – even better.)


The ingredient also protects the skin from harmful UVB rays, which commonly cause sunspots. It’s lightweight, and doesn’t leave a greasy sheen on your skin like most daily moisturisers and creams. As it already occurs naturally in the body, it’s extremely gentle even on sensitive skin, and rarely causes irritation.

Your handy guide to deciphering the world of skincare

We know that it can be frustrating when skincare labels are packedwith long-winded explanations and mysterious chemical ingredients. That’s why we’re aiming to shed more light on the origins and benefits of the ingredients incorporated in the Utopia range. In our blog, we’ll be exploring and unpicking our ingredients to make sure you always know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.